CORE-Aire Equipment


LCRs Series

A standard low-contaminant odor removal unit designed to fit in any space to accommodate the basic needs associated with cannabis production.

DAS-2041D12SC  RD000026-1.JPG

LCRv Series

A low-contaminant odor control unit designed specifically to meet the needs of your greenhouse space.


HCR Series

Our expertly designed high-contaminant odor control machine caters to large facilities with high levels of particulate contaminants.


RamJet™ Boss

The RamJet™ Boss is the most effective and versatile multi-purpose portable radial air scrubber and source capture machine available on the market.


EMM Chemical Media

Our EMM (Extract Multi-Mix®) chemical media is an original equipment manufactured product that allows continuous purification of corrosive, odorous and toxic contaminants in an industrial environment.